About Us

Laura Brucco, is an Interior Designer, In 1989, she set up her studio in Buenos Aires. Her area of specialization is residential interiors, commercial and corporate spaces. Her work is defined by a minimalist design of excellence. The studio has won several awards: “Excellence Award for Interior Designers, ARQ 2017 and 2016”, “Ibero-American Advertising Festival Award” and “Best Interior Designer Award, granted by the press”. She’s taken part in several exhibitions, such as those at the Argentine Chancellery, the Metropolitan Museum, the Fine Arts Museum and Casa FOA, and has received several awards. For the seventh time the “Interior Design Review” by Andrew Martin has included her as one of “The world’s top 100 designers”. She was a member of the Board of Directors of DArA, Diseñadores Argentinos Asociados (Argentine Associated Designers), and a member of the jury at several interior design contests.

In October 2016, Pierre Henri Quinard, Ambassador in Argentina, and the Marianne Association, invited Laura Brucco to the reception held at the embassy of France, in order to honor business women entrepreneurs. She was one of the ten designers who participated in” A Century of Interior Design” at the National Decorative Arts Museum, and in “Homage to the Argentine Cinema” presented by D&D, Interior Design Magazine, in November 2011 and November 2010, respectively. Laura has been distinguished and awarded in many occasions: She won the Press Prize for Best Interior Designer in 2007, an Honorable Mention Award at Casa FOA – Santa Catalina de Siena Monastery. A Silver Medal award at Casa FOA – Immigrant Hotel. DArA Prize at Casa FOA – Grand Hotel. Fiap Award: Bronce Medal Advertising Campaign “Del Campo Nazca Saatchi+Saatchi” “Look Through Foa’s Eyes”, Subject: “Prison”. This Campaign also received The Argentina Creative Circle: Grand Prix, Category Graph; Gold Medal, Category Best Art Direction; Gold Medal, Category Magazine Campaigns. El Cronista: First Award.

Laura was a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Argentine Designers (Diseñadores Argentinos Asociados or DArA) from 1996 to 2006. This well-known designer has also participated in congresses and workshops not only in Argentina but also in other countries. Her work has been published in interior design newspapers, magazines and books. She participated in various exhibitions as a member of the Jury for DArA, Casa FOA, Estilo Pilar and the Museum of Modern Art (MAM).

For the past twenty nine years Laura Brucco’s Interior Design Studio has been well-known for its refined and high-quality work. The focus of her interior design falls on redrawn, innovative layouts that provide the maximum amount of space possible, organizing flexible living and gathering spaces, and discarding convention in forms, in response to the evolving patterns of use. The monochromatic, minimal environment together with first-rate equipment, smart spaces, an especially designed lighting scheme, contemporary art, antiques, crafts and tableware, are managed to combine a sense of refined esthetics.